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Have a good `un mate : )

TFI Friday !

Been a long week this so I am going to chill out a bit on Saturday and Sunday, I`ve nothing planned so it`s a lie-in and a  big breakfast, read or listen to some sounds then have an hour ,then beer / joint and if my luck is in maybe some lovin`? That should keep me happy till Monday?

Found this on Youtube posted it  to cheer you up a bit (the sick ones anyway ) Enjoy...




Why is no one ever happy with anything here in the UK ? If I had a pound for every time I`d Heard  "It`s too Hot" I`d have about
two and a half grand in pound coins ! Yes it`s a bit fuckin` warmer than normal but it`s far form tropical ! Most of you bastards go to
Spain for your holiday for Christ`s sake and it`s fuckin` roasting there !

We`ve had FOUR days of it been nice and it`s like`The End of the World is Nigh ` !

A few weeks ago I had my coat on in work because it was that cold ! My Gas bill for three months is £400 quid ,and yes I moan about that ,but guess what ? You don`t need heat when it`s nice like this so shut the fuck up and be happy that it`s warm for once !!!

And guess what ,to top it all, the UK is the most violent place in Europe according to new figures, it`s even worse than South Africa and the USA.

I wonder why that is ?

Ah well  `rant` over folk`s.... just one more thing before I hang myself..... they have forecast " rain & cooler conditions for the weekend" Great just fuckin` Great !!!

The Boss / The Clash

So good old Bruce Springsteen has hit the UK and the night after his` Headline` act at Glastonbury he follows it up the
night after with a gig in London`s Hyde Park, low and behold he kicks his set off with a cover of The Clash song `London Calling`!

As I was not there I can`t tell you if it was a good or bad attempt but just him doing it is good enough for me, some in the crowd who
may not be too familiar with the Clash may think " Hey I like that one" and explore further ?

If they pick up a copy of the album by the same name then fuck are they in for a treat !!

`London Calling` is by far the best `Punk` album of all time for me and probably one of the best Rock N Roll album`s too,
it`s influence on what came later is still felt today,
Too many bands to mention cite The Clash as their main influence and listening to this record and you can easily see why !

If you have never heard it buy or download it now ! It could well be the best money you spend on music this year ?

Enjoy !!

Just a bit short !

10 books that stick in your mind.

Stolen form `Speedingslug`
Don’t take too long to think about it.
Ten books you’ve read that will always stick with you.
First ten you can recall in no more than 10 minutes.
Copy the instructions into your own post.

Here`s mine
1 - Weaveworld   Clive Barker
2- Lord of the Rings  Tolkien
3- The Sound Of Thunder  Wilbur Smith
4-To Kill A Mocking Bird  Harper Lee
5-One Flew  Over The Cuckoo`s Nest  Ken Kesey
6-Coldheart Canyon  Clive Barker
7-The Island  Guy N Smith
8-The Green Mile  Stephen King
9-Needful Things     "
10-The Winter King  Bernard Cornwell


Rancid with two `Armstrong`s ?

Wonder how `Rancid` as a group would have developed if Billie Joe Armstrong had said "Yes" when asked to join the band by Tim all those years ago ? Better (if that`s possible ?) or Worse ( 21 st century breakdown )?

O Very `Arty`

Anybody Like it ?

Rancid`s DVD

Finally found the time to watch the DVD `Making of `Let  The Dominoes Fall` which came with the album.

First a short history of their previous albums then a run down on how they make their particular sound , all
good stuff but why film it in that `grainy` Black and White ` Yuk  !

It would have been so much better full blown colour but i suppose I can live with it while it came with the
full album and the `Acoustic ` CD which I am lovin` more with each play.